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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Skiptrace is the art of finding an individual, company or assets. Yes it is an art. it goes far beyond just finding someone. The data bases that we use taps into millions of pieces of information that assist us in seeing the full picture of an individuals financial status. Sometimes we need to tell our clients the cold hard truth. Such as "Please don't spend any more of your money on this case". It doesn't seem to make good business sense to tell a client this, but I think it does. Our clients often come back time and time again with one assurance, that Legal Pursuit has their best interest in mind. So if we say, don't spend any more time and effort on your case, it usually means that our research shows that this turnip is blood dry. As for our younger clients this means your Judgment debtor presently has nothing to go after.

Now this doesn't mean that we can't pursue your judgment later, It just means that it might make better sense to try and collect later. But for the majority of cases, now might be the best time to strike. Our skiptraces are a valuable source of information that will assist us in finding out where your judgment debtor is currently located and what they have to
collect on.

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